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"There has been a resurgence of interest in worship and liturgy in recent years, especially among young people - people of faith are rediscovering ancient modes of ritual and spiritual practice, drawing inspiration from centuries of Christian tradition, and writing their own prayers, hymns, and liturgies. Worship & Song celebrates the fruit of this labor, bringing liturgical resources into the church which are both grounded and fresh." 
                                                      Isaac Everett, author of The Emergent Psalter

Worship & Song has the capability of being a resource that allows churches to claim their identity and sing their faith in a world that changes so rapidly. In a time when many people in our congregations are more familiar with pop culture than the music of the church, Worship & Song offers them the ability to proclaim the word in a way that is not only current, but also looks toward the future. Our heritage is rich with musical tradition, but we must be a people who allow that heritage the opportunity to expand and grow for future generations. For this reason, I am overjoyed to be a contributor to this collection, and I fervently pray that the texts, the music, and the worship resources give voice to the church as the world continues to move around us.”
                                                      Jackson Henry, contributor            

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